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Hamza El Kadioui (Football Analyst)

Before being a Football Analyst, Hamza is a Football Lover. He obtained his master's degree in International Trade, but this didn't stop him from following his passion for football (soccer). 

He helped hundreds of coaches, players and even football fans to understand the game deeply and improve their performance. He works as a Football Analyst Freelancer with different teams, clubs, and players. He is also a Football Content Creator (Videos, Articles...). His mission is: Popularize Football Analysis!

What others have said about Hamza & Without the Ball

Expanded my Knowledge Career

by Abdul Iddi Salim (Former Kenya National Team GK Coach)

The platform "Without the Ball" has helped me to get more awareness about crucial issues in football game and it has expanded my knowledge career as a goalkeeper coach. It gives you a very clear view on various situations in football moments of the game that you can elaborate the scenario and get a perfect solution for the problem.

Very Informative and Always Done Well

by Naby Darren Jawook (Coach at Freshfield FC)

I first met Hamza 3 years ago when I started running a child's football team. I asked for help on formations and Hamza provided in detail a number of formations for me to look through. Since then I have followed Without the Ball and always find his posts to be very informative and always done well. Hamza has a huge amount of knowledge and it's great that he is willing to share it with us.

This Course is for:

  • People who want to gain a deeper understanding of football.
  • Coaches who want to get the best results from their possession/positional play time.
  • Players who want to improve their performance while playing possession/positional play football.
  • Football Fans who want to understand why and how possession/positional play football are played.

By the End of this Course, You will:

  • Be able to coach/play an effective possession & positional play styles to win more games.

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This is what some students have said about this course...

Selene "Well written, well presented, complex. Love it"

Sebastien A. "Was curious to know what else could I be taught about possession and positional play styles. But, I'm glad I did take the course. I liked how easy and yet effective I see these playstyles right now. Not to forget, the examples were great"

Course curriculum

Shortly Talking...

...This course will be teaching you what to do and what not to do if you want to play possession or positional play.